Resilient Landscapes

In partnership with the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and led by Conservation International, Resilient Coffee Landscapes aims to enhance the resilience of both the coffee farmland and the surrounding natural ecosystem or political boundary within the particular landscape or jurisdiction.

A resilient coffee landscape is a place where people steward natural capital alongside sustainable production systems at a scale that enhances the long-term human well-being of communities. Complementing traditional supply chain investments, the landscape approach brings together actors within a specific region to define priorities and collective goals to effectively address economic, social and environmental issues more effectively.

Taking a landscape approach provides a critical pathway to the design and implementation of public-private partnerships that will be necessary to deliver on the goals captured in the Task Force 2030 roadmap. The global, regional and national priorities, policies, tools and output set-out and unlocked by the CPPTF will need to be translated to be contextualized to recognize the realties and needs from stakeholders (government, industry, communities, civil society, etc.) within specific landscapes.

Informed by a set of ambitious goals from 2030 roadmap, the work is organized around 3 key pillars:

  • Knowledge Exchange: In support of the global- and regional knowledge hubs, we advance a learning agenda that addresses knowledge gaps around the concept of landscape- and jurisdictional approaches. In our sessions, we highlight tools, frameworks, principles as well as best-practices examples of programs (e.g. GEF-7 FOLUR) that deliver action on the ground at a landscape scale.
  • Landscape assessments: Conducting landscape assessments is a critical first step towards action at the landscape level, by providing a data-driven baseline understanding about current conditions – production, environmental, community, governance – in the landscape. Currently, as proof of concept landscape assessment are being supported and conducted in San Martin (Peru). Mt Kenya (Kenya) and Central Highlands (Vietnam) using a tool called LandScale.

  • Landscape Action: building on the global and regional knowledge exchange as well as the outcomes of the landscape assessments, we guide and encourage landscape actors with the co-creation of investment opportunities and action plans to address specific landscape needs.

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Targets & Commitments

A set of targets that compliments and expands the scope of CPPTF aspirations on living and prosperous income and aligns with and amplifies the sector-wide 2025 targets and 2050 goals rolled-out by the SCC.