Market Transparency

Transparency is a crucial public good that can lead to a more efficient and equitable coffee sector. To achieve this, the work stream on Data Transparency has established three key guiding principles:

  1. Balancing rigor and simplicity with universal data standards, ensuring data is both reliable and accessible to all stakeholders
  2. Strengthening the capacity to collect and use data at the origin, which is essential for accurate and timely information
  3. Benefitting the industry both regionally and globally with credible data-based insights, to inform decision-making and lead to improved outcomes for all.

 Targets & Aspirations

The workstream has two critical areas of focus:

  1. A common, cross-country understanding of the costs of production and actual income of farmer households. This data can be used to assess production efficiency, living income gaps and identify areas where action is needed to improve the economic well-being of farmers.
  2. The assessment of the relative efficiency of value transmission, which refers to the difference between farm-gate and export prices. Benefits of coffee production and commercialization should be shared equitably among all actors, particularly smallholder farmers.

The workstream has convened the International Technical Advisory Panel, consisting of top technical data and coffee sector experts, to support the development of methodologies and tools to gather reliable data on the field.

It supports national institutions to take ownership of the tools and use them continuously to stay informed on the state of coffee production in their countries to target investments, shape legislation, and better inform and support coffee farmers. The adoption of these tools by various ICO member countries will promote consistency and comparability, enabling nations to collaborate effectively towards enhancing the sustainability of the coffee sector.

The Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) is facilitating the workstream and has partnered with NAEB in Rwanda and INIFAP in Mexico to pilot the work that will serve as a blueprint for implementation in other countries. The regional bodies PROMECAFE, IACO, and ACF are committed to promoting the work in the member countries they represent.

Decision-Wise Data

We must transform data into actionable knowledge that drives smarter sustainability decisions.


Look for new data here as work progresses.


I prefer these direct insights to better understand my choices.

Human Centric Design

Participating in the design of solutions intended for our community makes them more valuable for us.

Inclusivity & Equity

Making it easy for all our voices to be heard makes sense.

Effective insights

Understanding, in real-time, the evolving needs of our farming communities makes us more effective.